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5 World Sales Domination Tips for 2015

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Tip 1 – Listen

It seems slightly ridiculous to say listen, it’s so obvious, yet so many sales people don’t! There’s a clear difference between listening to appear interested and listening because you know it’s important to achieve greatness.

Let me explain. Sales people are already struggling anytime they speak to a customer due to the salesmen and women stereotype. People believe sales people only care about their own self desire to sell something. In some instances this may be the case, which is why you must listen to what I am about to say.

To overcome the salesmen stereotype you must show the customer you are different, and really listen. Use every statement a customer makes as an opportunity for a follow up question, now or in your next point of contact. By referencing and asking questions about information customers have given you, you’re not selling anymore, you’re building a relationship. Include this in your revolutionary sales process and you’re on to a winner. You must listen throughout the sales process but it is most important at the beginning.

Check out ‘4 Tips for Persuading People by Listening to Them’ for more great tips on listening.

Tip 2 – Be Genuine

People buy from people. Remember the 90:90 rule, people make up 90% of their mind about you within the first 90 seconds of meeting you. There’s no point trying too hard to be the sales person you think your customer wants to see. You need to be yourself, let the conversation flow; it will make your potential customer a lot more comfortable.

Be genuinely nice, considerate, kind, ethical, this will work in your favour, I promise. People like it if you are passionate about what you are selling, it shows you really believe in it and are willing to put your neck on the line for your product/service. If you are selling something you don’t genuinely believe in, you’re already making life hard for yourself.

Let’s use a politician as an example. Politicians have exploited their backgrounds to gain more votes. Maybe they’ll have a sudden interest in a local sports team or local issue they ‘care’ about. The problem with this is that people see through smarmy, under-handed tactics to win more votes. Nobody likes having the wool pulled over their eyes. Not only that, but it is incredibly stressful to try and build and maintain a career focused around being artificial. This is exactly the same in sales, if you really feel like you are selling something, you’re trying too hard. Find something you truly believe in, and sell it.

Tip 3 – Be Credible

‘The quality of being trusted and believed in’

There’s always that salesperson that thinks its ok to ‘bend the rules’. This may be a quick fix in sales, but it most definitely isn’t a long term solution. For example, last summer I signed up for a Caxton FX card which I used abroad to withdraw money. The card worked fine and I was very happy with it.

I recently got an email from them with a subject line, ‘Review your recent transaction with Caxton FX’, yet I hadn’t used the card in months. Shocked, I quickly went in the email expecting to find some con artist withdrawing money from my account. Only to find an email asking if I would recommend the Caxton FX card to a friend.

As an ‘attention grabber’ that kind of thing works. But because of this deception, no I will not recommend them to any of my friends as their credibility has shot straight down in my rankings. Is it worth being clever if it also seems sleazy? No, not in my eyes.

Nowadays credibility is even more important due to shorter interactions with customers as I discuss in more detail in my ‘How to Revolutionise Your Sales Process’ blog. To gain credibility, you need to build trust, show that you care and demonstrate relevant experience. Here are 10 top tips to help build credibility with customers;

  1. Avoid selling a solution that isn’t in the customer’s best interest.
  2. Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.
  3. Be genuine.
  4. Make your experience and qualifications visible (case studies etc.).
  5. If problems develop after the sale, don’t make excuses; fix them.
  6. Don’t withhold bad news.
  7. If the competition pops up, be respectful at all times.
  8. Become a member of the British Quality Foundation like us!
  9. Under promise, over deliver.
  10. Make promises, and keep them.



Tip 4 – Show Value

During the summer, consultancy group Sirius Decisions re

dr evil 2leased research stating that the biggest problem facing sales teams was an inability on the part of salesmen and women to d

escribe the value of a product to a customer. This is described as the ‘value gap’;

‘The apparent chasm between the ability of salespeople to pitch a product and their ability to demonstrate value on a case-by-case basis’

No one cares about your products or services except you. Despite what you may think, the journey to showing value starts with the buyer, not the product. A product has no intrinsic value to a buyer unless they have the problem it is designed to solve. In B2B selling, the likelihood of engaging a buyer in meaningful conversation will be much higher if we first examine the role of the buyer in the organisation and understand their issues in achieving their business goals within that role.

Once you understand the buyer’s business goals, you can begin to create a winning value proposition which is a combination of the following 3 things;

1. ROI (Return On Investment) – What is the ROI the client will obtain from your solution, expressed quantitatively? (e.g. every £1 they spend on your solution they get £2 back).

2. Qualitative Benefits – What additional qualitative benefits can be gained from your solution? (e.g. increased staff moral).

 3. USP – Why should they pick you over the competition? Why are you different? (e.g. your passion and experience).

 Tip 5 – Learn

This is the most important tip. How can you expect things to change if you’re not doing anything different? You’re already on the right track by reading this blog and I’m sure you may have plenty of other learning platforms which is great.

Learning more efficient ways of doing things which cost less can help you reach world domination in sales in 2015. To truly improve as a sales person it is fundamental you follow these 3 steps;

1. Measure exactly how you and your team are currently performing in all the Core Sales Competencies with the Free or Advanced online benchmarking tool Salesbenchmark™.

2. Look at your results and use Salesbenchmark™ to compare this with the competition and best in sector; this will help understand best practice.

3. Have a free telephone consultation with one of our highly experienced Sales Process specialists to see how we could help you create and implement a 3 step Priority Action Plan to Increase Sales.

Find out how your Sales Team can make more Profitable Sales and start your Benchmarking Journey now with SalesBenchmark


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