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Can you achieve Supply Chain perfection in 6 steps?

Manufacturers and their suppliers in partnership:

Step 1 – Agree a common goal ‘Stay ahead of the competition’

Step 2 – Map the existing value stream

Step 3 – Identify non value adding steps

Step 4 – Map the desired (Future state) value stream

Step 5 – Implement agreed improvements

Step 6 – Fine tune and then ‘simply’ continue to strive for perfection!

Download Mapping data capture templates or take the free online Benchmarking self assessment (Sample Benchmark Report)

Short case study: Four leading south east manufacturing companies have undergone intensive supply chain lean awareness training putting not only themselves under the microscope but their suppliers too – all in the aim of improving output levels and supply chain performance.

Kent-based Silent Gliss, MEP Ltd, Johnston Sweepers and Cummins Power, in addition to some of their tier-1 and 2 suppliers (which included Spa Aluminium, Stevens and Carlotti, ABT products, Turner Tools, Euromark finishing, Kent Metal Developments, Hydraquip, Raker engineering and  Abbey Precision), took part in a programme aimed at senior management, designed by Mark Knowlton with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) South East.

The workshops facilitated by Mark Knowlton and colleagues from MAS, focused on the introduction of lean tools and techniques. Practical examples demonstrated the benefits of applying lean principles to existing operations in order to improve quality, cost and delivery– an interactive break out session allowed the group to explore the challenges faced by all suppliers and their customers.

The second workshop, for both suppliers and customers, looked at supply chain partnering and best practice techniques and how best to apply them. Valuable feedback from the first workshop was given by suppliers to their customers, focusing on the key challenges identified and suggested steps to move things forward. A practical Value Stream Mapping session, where suppliers and their customers produced a detailed map of the current process, highlighted key bottlenecks and priorities for future improvement.

Supplier feedback included:

A great fresher – we now need to transfer to action both within our business and between our business and our customer.” Mark Hignett, ABT Products.

“Good interaction by the host companies and within the groups and subgroups.” David Symons, Hyrdaquip.

“A good system to bring suppliers and customers together to improve future prospects.” Mark Edge, ABT Products.

Mark Knowlton said: “The programme is designed to help customers and suppliers develop closer working partnerships and identify mutually beneficial opportunities to improve performance across the whole supply chain. In addition it raises awareness of the benefits of applying lean manufacturing tools and techniques across the supply chain, identifying steps and actions required to reduce waste resulting in real benefits to the bottom line.”

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