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    The aim of this site is to share knowledge, resources and experience with others who are keen to increase performance through continuous improvement. At KPS we work with businesses enabling them to grow and improve productivity whilst developing their individuals and teams.

    Our team of highly experienced specialists provide a broad range of Business Development, Marketing and Operational expertise.

  • Online Lean Benchmarking

    Benchmarking orgnanizations in a similar industry or sector, provides a focus for improvement and can give a business that vital competitive edge.

    This web based self assessment tool identifies current strengths and improvement targets across seven Lean competencies.

    The personalised report provides a detailed gap analysis as well as a series of key recommendations and actions required to take your organisation to the next level.

  • Online Sales Benchmarking

    Benchmarking orgnanizations in a similar industry or sector, provides a focus for improvement and can give a business that vital competitive edge.

    This web based self assessment tool identifies current strengths and improvement targets across seven Lean competencies.

    The personalised report provides a detailed gap analysis as well as a series of key recommendations and actions required to take your organisation to the next level.

  • Lean Benchmarking

    Do you need to reduce lead times, increase 'right first time' quality performance or improve productivity and bottom line profits?

    Organisations that develop Lean systems are more competitive and increase their profitability in spite of tough market conditions.

    This on site assessment carried out by a seasoned Lean practitioner benchmarks performance against businesses in a similar industry or sector.

  • Skills Coaching

    How are you developing the potential leaders within your business?

    Skills Coaching enables an organisation to tap into hidden capabilities, motivate key individuals and grow potential leaders.

    Through a series of monthly one to one sessions we work through nine recognised leadership competencies. The coaching sessions are designed to develop the necessary skills required in order to deliver the stated business objectives.

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Download the Free PDF here So, what should truly matter in your sales process? And how can you use this knowledge to revolutionise yours? Well, this blog will be explaining exactly that, using a number of real-life examples and suggestions to help revolutionise your sales process. Why Change? “Whosoever desires constant success must change their conduct with the times.”— […]

Customer Comments


‘I have worked with Mark over the last 18 months on a variety of Change projects.  In that time, he has clearly and consistently demonstrated all the key attributes I would expect from a Business Improvement Consultant.  Moreover, his fresh approach not only easily engages people in change, but also enables them to take ownership at a […]

Download the free PDF here. What is Benchmarking? The real juicy information on how and why sales performance will improve comes just after this section, but if you want a more detailed explanation of benchmarking and best practice take a quick look at my ‘What is benchmarking and why bother’ blog. If you’re sticking around, […]

Keen to show support for the manufacturing sector, Laura Sandys MP for South Thanet attended the latest Kent Best Practice Club facilitated by Mark Knowlton. Laura talked openly with business leaders about the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. The MAS Kent Best Practice Club, a collaborative network of local leading manufacturers, has been meeting […]

Lean tools and other useful stuff


Download Lean Tools and Templates Famous quotes from Lean Gurus    Lean Jargon Buster      5S Audit template Lean Benchmarking    Mapping data capture templates Reports FREE sample Lean Benchmark Report UK Manufacturing Outlook December 2011 (EEF & BDO) UK Manufacturing Outlook September 2011 (EEF & BDO) Achieving excellence in production supply August 2011 (PWC)  Economic Prospects 2010 (EEF) The […]

What is Benchmarking and why bother?


Benchmarking is a systematic process for identifying and implementing best practice – or in simple terms it is about learning from the experiences of others. Comparing performance with organisations in either similar or dissimilar sectors enables individuals and teams to develop improvement plans and adapt specific best practices, usually with the aim of increasing some […]

Lean Chicken or Egg?


The age old question – how to get started with lean? It’s a bit like Chicken or Egg…should we just try a few lean tools first and see how we get on, or begin with a clearly defined lean strategy and implementation plan. Some business gurus insist that lean is not a set of ‘tools and techniques’ […]

Britains Best Factory Award Winners 2010


A company that designs and manufactures traffic lights and control systems for highway agencies and local authorities across the world has been named the Toyota Material Handling Factory of the Year for 2010 at the Best Factory Awards (BFAs) run by Cranfield School of Management in partnership with the magazine Works Management(Author: Ken Hurst)   […]

South East Best Practice awards Chaired by Mark Knowlton of KPS and sponsored by MAS, In May the 2010 Manufacturing Best Practice awards were hosted at the Williams F1 facility in Oxford, Mark explained how South East manufacturers gained £23 million of added value through collaboration and sharing best practice. The Best Practice Network was established to […]

How do Manufacturers Innovate?


A research report entitled  ‘The Innovation Imperative in Manufacturing’ published by the Boston Consulting Group describes the most effective tools for promoting and sustaining Innovation. The study which ranks the top 20 countries also identifies the key drivers for effective innovation highlighting four key factors; Idea generation, Structured Processes, Leadership and a skilled workforce…interesting…remarkably close to the key factors impacting […]







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