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    The aim of this site is to share knowledge, resources and experience with others who are keen to increase performance through continuous improvement. At KPS we work with businesses enabling them to grow and improve productivity whilst developing their individuals and teams.

    Our team of highly experienced specialists provide a broad range of Business Development, Marketing and Operational expertise.

  • Online Lean Benchmarking

    Benchmarking orgnanizations in a similar industry or sector, provides a focus for improvement and can give a business that vital competitive edge.

    This web based self assessment tool identifies current strengths and improvement targets across seven Lean competencies.

    The personalised report provides a detailed gap analysis as well as a series of key recommendations and actions required to take your organisation to the next level.

  • Online Sales Benchmarking

    Benchmarking orgnanizations in a similar industry or sector, provides a focus for improvement and can give a business that vital competitive edge.

    This web based self assessment tool identifies current strengths and improvement targets across seven Lean competencies.

    The personalised report provides a detailed gap analysis as well as a series of key recommendations and actions required to take your organisation to the next level.

  • Lean Benchmarking

    Do you need to reduce lead times, increase 'right first time' quality performance or improve productivity and bottom line profits?

    Organisations that develop Lean systems are more competitive and increase their profitability in spite of tough market conditions.

    This on site assessment carried out by a seasoned Lean practitioner benchmarks performance against businesses in a similar industry or sector.

  • Skills Coaching

    How are you developing the potential leaders within your business?

    Skills Coaching enables an organisation to tap into hidden capabilities, motivate key individuals and grow potential leaders.

    Through a series of monthly one to one sessions we work through nine recognised leadership competencies. The coaching sessions are designed to develop the necessary skills required in order to deliver the stated business objectives.

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Innovation has continued to drive a hugely competitive environment within the manufacturing industry. Today’s competitive environment leaves no room for error. But, how do you eliminate these errors. More importantly, how do you ensure your operational capability is way ahead of your competitors and implement a significant step chain in performance? The answer is Six […]

’Download The Ultimate Quick Start Digital Marketing Guide for Beginners (FREE EBOOK)’ Author: Daniel Knowlton    The following blog will provide a step by step, quick start guide on how to use Social Media automation. Social Media automation allows any business to have the time to use Social Media Marketing to help achieve its objectives. The number 1 […]

’Download the FREE SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS (1000+) here  Author: Daniel Knowlton    This blog will demonstrate how free social media icons can be used to make your business more money. After searching far and wide for free social media icons which look great, I decided to make it simple for you. I’ve spent a lot of time […]

’Download the FREE ADVANCED GUIDE here (gain double the results)’ Author: Daniel Knowlton    You can read the updated version to this blog here: How to grow a targeted Twitter following in 5 steps: JUNE 2015 UPDATE   The image below is proof that this Twitter growth strategy really does work. This isn’t one of those ‘get 1,000,000 […]

’Download the FREE FULL GUIDE here’ Author: Daniel Knowlton    If you’re looking for a clear, simple and effective Digital Marketing quick start guide to help achieve your business objectives – you’ve found it! Don’t be fooled, our e-book may be small, but it is mighty and bursting with useful knowledge. Within this blog I’ll give you a taster […]

Download the Free PDF here      Download ’50 Awesome Free Digital Marketing Tools’ Author: Daniel Knowlton    From the long list of reasons why Digital Marketing is a great lead generation tool, I’ve picked my top 5. As a passionate Digital Marketer I’m always interested to hear how Digital Marketing has impacted your business – please […]

Download the free PDF here Tip 1 – Listen It seems slightly ridiculous to say listen, it’s so obvious, yet so many sales people don’t! There’s a clear difference between listening to appear interested and listening because you know it’s important to achieve greatness. Let me explain. Sales people are already struggling anytime they speak […]

Download the free PDF here      Download our Client Qualification Tool Kit   Do you like working lots of hours to get a proposal to a client, only to find you’ve lost the bid to the competition? Or even worse, the prospect has dropped the project altogether? No, neither would we. That’s why in this […]

Download the free PDF here In PART 1 we looked at the ‘Buyer Process’ so now let’s consider the customer focused ‘Sales Process’. For reference, below is the infographic we created which presents the new, evolved buyer and sales processes. Also, if you need convincing as to why you should be using a formal sales process […]

Download the free PDF here. And the cheesiest team photo award goes to…Yes, the photo is extremely cheesy, but, I’m sure you’d be happy if your sales team looked like this every day after reeling in those quality leads they’ve been nurturing. If you want to know how to make your sales team jump for joy like […]







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