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    The aim of this site is to share knowledge, resources and experience with others who are keen to increase performance through continuous improvement. At KPS we work with businesses enabling them to grow and improve productivity whilst developing their individuals and teams.

    Our team of highly experienced specialists provide a broad range of Business Development, Marketing and Operational expertise.

  • Online Lean Benchmarking

    Benchmarking orgnanizations in a similar industry or sector, provides a focus for improvement and can give a business that vital competitive edge.

    This web based self assessment tool identifies current strengths and improvement targets across seven Lean competencies.

    The personalised report provides a detailed gap analysis as well as a series of key recommendations and actions required to take your organisation to the next level.

  • Online Sales Benchmarking

    Benchmarking orgnanizations in a similar industry or sector, provides a focus for improvement and can give a business that vital competitive edge.

    This web based self assessment tool identifies current strengths and improvement targets across seven Lean competencies.

    The personalised report provides a detailed gap analysis as well as a series of key recommendations and actions required to take your organisation to the next level.

  • Lean Benchmarking

    Do you need to reduce lead times, increase 'right first time' quality performance or improve productivity and bottom line profits?

    Organisations that develop Lean systems are more competitive and increase their profitability in spite of tough market conditions.

    This on site assessment carried out by a seasoned Lean practitioner benchmarks performance against businesses in a similar industry or sector.

  • Skills Coaching

    How are you developing the potential leaders within your business?

    Skills Coaching enables an organisation to tap into hidden capabilities, motivate key individuals and grow potential leaders.

    Through a series of monthly one to one sessions we work through nine recognised leadership competencies. The coaching sessions are designed to develop the necessary skills required in order to deliver the stated business objectives.

Category Archives: reports

The Offshore wind market is estimated to be worth more than £100bn over the next 20 years, with significant potential for UK businesses keen to access new opportunities in the wind energy supply chain. MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) has just launched a new service for manufacturers keen to take advantage of this growing sector. GROW: […]

This poster produced by the British Government in 1939 aimed to raise morale in the event of an invasion. The funny thing is, it seems to me that is exactly what Manufacturers are doing …Keeping Calm and Carrying On…as we continue along the bumpy road of economic recovery. The latest Manufacturing Outlook Survey produced by […]

The latest snapshot survey of business conditions in engineering and manufacturing companies is now available (Published by EEF and BDO) download full report. Summary Output and orders fall short of last quarter’s expectations Export balances soften in the past three months Sector divergence continued in Q4 Signs that investment and recruitment is being postponed or […]

The 2011 Annual Manufacturing Report for the UK has just been published. This latest research report provides an excellent snap shot of industry trends and opinion. Since the economic downturn there has been much greater recognition that Manufacturing is the key driver for ‘the real economy’. Despite this, 63% of respondents to this survey have a […]

  The latest Manufacturing survey publish by EEF and BDO shows that exports have been the main driver of growth over the last quarter. There is however some uncertainty looking ahead with signs that some sectors such as metals and electronics are experiencing weaker order intake levels. Download full report Whilst current figures are strong, there are […]

The Shape of British Industry


UK Manufacturing sector poised to fill growth gap – EEF Report British manufacturing is poised to fill the growth gap as the public sector plays a smaller role in the economy. It is well placed to respond to the Prime Minister’s call to ‘create and innovate; invest and grow’ according to a major report and […]

UK Manufacturing is Humming


Economic Prospects 2010 Download EEF Report The latest official statistics just released for the first 6 months of 2010 show very strong growth – the best since 1994 in fact. Growth of 1.4% in Q1 and 1.6% in Q2 suggests that the recovery in UK manufacturing is now well underway. The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) […]

How do Manufacturers Innovate?


A research report entitled  ‘The Innovation Imperative in Manufacturing’ published by the Boston Consulting Group describes the most effective tools for promoting and sustaining Innovation. The study which ranks the top 20 countries also identifies the key drivers for effective innovation highlighting four key factors; Idea generation, Structured Processes, Leadership and a skilled workforce…interesting…remarkably close to the key factors impacting […]

LEAN will not make you GREEN


According to the Carbon Trust, Businesses that take action to reduce their carbon footprint benefit from reduced energy costs, an enhanced reputation, motivated employees and in so doing can meet their regulatory obligations. (download free guides at end of page) & some commentators suggest that adopting Lean principles across the organisation is the answer…but are they right? Well […]

The Future of Manufacturing?


Price Waterhouse Coopers have published a report entitled ‘The Future of Manufacturing: reports of its death are greatly exaggerated’  To summarise, it reccomends Manufacturing Leaders should: Focus on Knowledge, not products Take a global perspective Take advantage of the government – don’t be afraid to lobby Be a champion for your business and industry Take advantage of the down […]







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