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China…an Opportunity or Threat?

Some, more enlightened UK Manufacturers really do believe that the Chinese economy is something that should be embraced and not feared.One such company is Spirit Circuits, who have signed up to Challenge China; a new (part funded) collaborative programme recently launched by UKTI and MAS-South East,enabling businesses to access the Chinese market and improve global competitiveness.

Steve Driver (MD of the Spirit Circuits group) has been in the manufacturing industry all his life and is fed up with hearing negative press about the industry he is so passionate about.

In a recent interview where he launched the companies Think10 campaign for growth in 2010, Steve offers an insight as to how UK manufactures can successfully embrace the China challenge.

“I have a truly superb team working for me, one which has shown unconditional flexibility and support during 2009. Because of this I find the energy and enthusiasm to drive our company forward…I am passionate about manufacturing and will continue to develop services that differentiate our business from our competitors.”

Steve went on to talk about how UK manufactures can succeed and meet the commercial challenges faced by so many manufactures in the UK. “What everyone should concentrate on is technology , being innovative and brave to reinvent themselves and constantly challenging the old protocols. This is what were are doing with some of the services we are offering and we have made it so we are ahead of the game.”

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