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How I won two new contracts worth £7,920 through Twitter in 3 months…and How you can too.



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The following blog will outline exactly how I won two new contracts worth £7,920 as a direct impact of marketing myself on Twitter over a 3 month period.

Clear, actionable steps will be outlined for you to follow to help achieve similar results yourself.

The two contracts were the result of two clients finding me and writing to me on Twitter (see the two Tweets below). To ensure these contracts were purely won through my Twitter activity, I confirmed with each client that they had found me as a direct result of my Tweets.

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Before I go full steam ahead with the actionable steps to follow, let me provide some of my Twitter stats for the last 51 days. This will provide you with some tangible evidence to demonstrate the response I receive from my Twitter activity.

As you can see from my Twitter follower statistics below, although I have been on Twitter since 2013, I didn’t start marketing myself and growing my following until 2/2/2015.


Twitter’s built in Analytics only provides Tweet data from the day that you sign up for their Analytics. Therefore, the following statistics will cover the last 51 days (from when I signed up to Twitter Analytics).

    •  3,235 (+1376) Twitter Followers
    •  144.4K Tweet Impressions
    • 2.2% Engagement Rate
    •  294 Link Clicks
    • 558 Favourites
    • 109 Replies

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If you execute the following steps consistently on a daily basis you will increase the number of quality leads for your business. Once you have gained the leads, it is up to you to nurture them into paying customers.


I cannot emphasise how important this is. The larger of the two new contracts was triggered by a customer contacting me as a direct impact of the strategies used to grow a targeted Twitter following.This strategy involves using a clever tool called Tweepi.


Read and follow my step by step guide to using the tool via the link below;

How to grow a targeted Twitter following in 5 steps: JUNE 2015 UPDATE


Once you’ve started growing a targeted Twitter following, you need to turn them into customers. This involves a number of actions to be taken, from a well thought out content strategy, to effectively engaging with your customers.


Read my recent blog and follow the actionable steps outlined via the link below;

How to turn Twitter followers into Customers


After meeting one of my new ‘Twitter clients’ and winning a contract , they repeatedly commented on how they loved my enthusiasm for their business. I didn’t think that I was being overly enthusiastic, I was just excited about their business.

This shows the importance of being genuinely enthusiastic about wanting to work with a client. If you love your job it will be a huge factor driving your success. Demonstrating real passion can be contagious – if  you are as motivated to see a client succeed as much as they are, it is surely a recipe for success!


Here are some tips you can follow to express and build your enthusiasm in a better way. Read the following blogs for some good advice;

10 Ways To Have Amazing Enthusiasm

How to Be More Enthusiastic

If you would like to grow your business and increase revenue, email me now to discover how I can help you.

Let’s make it happen!


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    1. Thank you, exactly right, in fact I think it is one of the biggest driving factors of success. I’ve just taken a look at your website it looks great. I love the image at the top, very elegant. 🙂

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