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How to grow a targeted Twitter following in 5 steps


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You can read the updated version to this blog here: How to grow a targeted Twitter following in 5 steps: JUNE 2015 UPDATE  

The image below is proof that this Twitter growth strategy really does work. This isn’t one of those ‘get 1,000,000 followers in 30 seconds for $5’ kinds of strategies. Implementing this specific strategy grew 2000 relevant Twitter followers that have made a genuine impact on our bottom line – for free!

This blog holds the original method I used to grow my following. Since then I have developed an advanced strategy containing some invaluable tips and tricks which saved me a shed load of time and generated instant leads (Download it for free here).

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As you can see, before I implemented this strategy, my Twitter following was as flat as a pancake (August 2014: 111 followers – January 2015: 176 followers).

At the end of January I began implementing the targeted Twitter following growth strategy. As you can see my following shot up to 2040 within 3 months and continues to grow. This process takes no more than 5 minutes a day, here is exactly how I did it;

This is a free tool which allows you to search for your competitors’ followers and follow them. (


Go to the ‘Follow Tweeps’ drop down menu and click on ‘@user’s followers’. In the box type in one of your main competitors Twitter accounts. In my case it is a local Digital Marketing Agency. Click ‘Start Following’.

Note: By following Twitter users who are interested in similar products/services your competitors provide, it is likely these users will be interested in yours too and follow you back.

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Put your mouse over ‘Follow’ and repeatedly click. This will automatically follow the user and skip down to the next, making it an extremely efficient process (see image below). Do this for 10 pages (200 followers) a day. Once you have done all the followers of one competitor, type in a different competitors @username and follow the same process.

Note: Twitter does set a limit on the amount of users you can follow per day. If you follow too many users they can block you. This has happened to me a couple of times when I got a bit click happy but just be careful and you will be fine.


Later the next day, log back into Tweepi and use the Flush Followers setting to unfollow any users that aren’t following you back. It’s the same clicking method used in the previous step.

Download the free advanced targeted Twitter growth strategy here for 2 x better results



Repeat step 3 and 4 for every day (it takes no more than 5 minutes when you get used to it).

There it is. It really does work. Download the advanced guide for free to get the updated strategy I use which will;

  • Double the effectiveness of the growth strategy.
  • Grow a following which is even more focused on your target market (this is what really helped me win business through Twitter).
  • Prevent you from following the same users repeatedly.
  • Stop you from unfollowing current users you want to keep (this was something I learnt too late, it is very important).

Download the free advanced targeted Twitter growth strategy here


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