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How to turn Twitter followers into Customers



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I recently got asked the following question by Anthony Jones on LinkedIn about my recent ‘How to grow a Targeted Twitter following in 5 steps‘ blog;

Once you’ve got a targeted Twitter audience, how do you turn them into customers?

What an excellent question. Some of my most valuable clients have found me through Twitter. Therefore, I thought I would share some of the key strategies I use to turn my Twitter followers into customers.

As usual, this blog will provide clear, actionable steps for you to follow. No fluff.


Your content strategy needs to be completely focused around your target market. More specifically, focused around helping your target market achieve their goals.

You need to understand the kinds of content they are interested in and how it relates to your business. What kinds of information do they really want to read? Do they really want to see a promotion in their face every 5 minutes? I doubt it. Instead, wouldn’t they rather read some valuable tips & tricks which they can actively apply to help reach their goals? I think so.

For example, my broad target market are businesses in the South East. In general, their core goals are to grow and become more profitable. Hence, I upload regular, actionable content which demonstrates how Digital Marketing can help businesses grow and become more profitable.


1. Outline your target market(s).

2. Outline your target market(s) main goals.

3. Write down a list of questions your target market(s) would type into google’s search engine to help achieve these goals.

4. Go onto and type these questions into the search bar.

5. Share the most useful content you find with your Twitter audience.

6. Repeat daily.


Excuse the over-used buzzword ‘engage’ , let me explain myself.By engagement, I mean actively speaking to your target market on Twitter. You need to imagine Twitter as a Digital version of a networking event.

When you go to a networking event, do you go straight up to potential customers and go for the ‘hard sell’ the first time you meet them? Or do you build a relationship with that person over time through multiple periods of contact?


1. Think of some ‘keywords’ which represent your target market on Twitter e.g. location, business type, occupation etc.

2. Individually type these words into the Twitter search bar.

3. Once you have found profiles which fit your target market, be genuine and ‘engage’ with their content e.g. retweet, favourite, Tweet comment, have discussions.

4. Repeat daily.


Firstly, what is an influencer? In simple terms, it is someone who has the power to influence an audience to have a certain opinion on something. In this case, it is your business and the services/products it provides. Nate Smitha does a great job of explaining this with the 3 attributes the potential to influence can be boiled down to in this blog (Reach, Resonance, Relevance).

If you connect and form relationships with relevant influencers, your content could reach hundreds of thousands of extra potential customers. This is due to these influencers sharing your Tweets with their huge audiences.

One of my key influencers is Zoe Cairnes. She gave a presentation at Get Social Kent and it really inspired me to develop my Social Media skills further. I followed the steps below and we now regularly engage on Social Media and share each others content.


1. Go on Buzzsumo’s ‘influencers’ tab and type in keywords related to the industry your business is in e.g. I would type Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing etc.

2. Add 15-20 of the key influencers in your industry on Twitter.

3. Start to engage with their Twitter, Blog and other Social Media content on a daily basis, comment, retweet, favourite etc.

4. Once you’ve built that rapport, the relationship can bloom into a mutually beneficial one. The Social Media influencer can retweet your Social Media content, link back to your website on their blog or post on your blog as a guest writer.


Hashtagging on Twitter helps your content reach a much larger audience of relevant potential customers. Including 1 – 3 target market orientated hashtags at the end of every Tweet is ideal. This will help you increase your visibility with customers, also helping to build trust and credibility.

‘The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to hear the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.’


1. Include 1 – 3 hashtags at the end of at least 1 out of every 3 Tweets which represents the demographic area of your target market. e.g. I would use #Thanet #Kent #Southeast

2. Keep an eye on the Twitter Trends left sidebar to include popular hashtags related to your business.

3. Use hashtags which tie in with national awareness days to help your content reach a larger audience. Check out the national awareness days website here.


Although many business get this wrong with Twitter promotion overload, it is still a key part of turning Twitter followers into customers. Customers need to know what you have on offer and how it will help them achieve their goals. Remember, promotional images and videos reach a much larger audience than plain old text.


1. Sign up to Canva (an easy to use free graphic design tool which creates perfectly sized promotional images for Social Media).

2. Watch this tutorial video.

3.  Create your own great promotional images for free!

Once you start to reach out to your target market using these handy tips, you can begin to build trust, credibility and real life relationships.

Following these strategies will turn followers into customers.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Make the change.

Contact me today if you are looking for Social Media advice, support, management or any other Digital marketing services.


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