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KPS Ltd. Digital Marketing Case Study: Escape the Agent


“We found KPS partnership after they followed us on Twitter. Daniel arranged a meeting at a convenient time and place for me and spent a morning learning all about our business and working out the best way to help us move forward.”
Kim Duckworth and Debbie Down, Directors, Escape the Agent


KPS spent 2 months working with Escape the Agent to help grow their business. We provided a full range of support including one to one training and coaching in Digital Marketing and online management.

This resulted in a fully developed Social Media growth programme which included some general business advice, website content development and  graphic / artwork creation.

Escape the Agent valued the comprehensive 24/7 email and telephone support we provided as this enabled their business to achieve some incredible results in a matter of weeks.


  • Website traffic up to 1,768 unique session in 45 days (101.6% growth).
  • Twitter following increased from 44 to 1,070 in 45 days (2,872% growth).
  • 288% increase in actual Property Listings and new customers from 8 to 31 in 45 days.

“Escape the Agent are very pleased to recommend Daniel and KPS partnership. We have only been working with Daniel a short time but are very impressed with his marketing knowledge and his enthusiasm for our business.”
Kim Duckworth and Debbie Down, Directors, Escape the Agent


Escape the Agent is an online property business founded and launched by Kim Duckworth and Debbie Down in March 2015.

The website is an online property portal where customers can advertise their properties for rent or sale at one of the lowest monthly fees in the market.

Because property adverts are completely self-managed and created by the customer, Escape the Agent has much lower overheads than its competitors. This allows the ‘no strings attached’ monthly fee to be one of the lowest in the market.

Once properties are advertised, interested parties can contact prospects directly to arrange viewings and finalise the sale or let of the property.

“We are a new company and needed some expert advice and guidance and we are so glad that we found KPS. Daniel has redesigned and improved our website, shown us the best way to attract customers and how to respond correctly to emails and enquiries”
Kim Duckworth and Debbie Down, Directors, Escape the Agent


After investing countless hours into Marketing, Kim and Debbie were both frustrated with the lack of results.

Soon after meeting Kim and Debbie from Escape the Agent and carrying out a thorough Digital Marketing Diagnostic, it was clear that the business faced a number of challenges;

1. They had no clear Digital Marketing Strategy.

2. Not many customers were signing up to list their properties on the website.

3. The website wasn’t getting much traffic.

4. There was no brand awareness.

5. There was no clear strategy outlined to target a specific market.

6. The website was lacking in graphic appeal and content structure.


We loved the business and knew it could be a huge success with some TLC from KPS. Kim and Debbie’s enthusiasm was unrivalled, they were highly motivated and ready to learn, they just needed a clear strategy to follow and some support.

After completing a thorough Digital Marketing Diagnostic with Kim and Debbie, KPS created a tailored Digital Marketing Action Plan. The Action Plan was focused on achieving Escape the Agents Objectives and overcoming their challenges.

KPS provided the following support;

  • Developed and implemented a clear and highly effective Digital Marketing strategy incorporating Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Content Marketing.


  • Provided bespoke Social Media, Email & Content Marketing training including detailed information packs, templates & online marketing tool tutorials.


  • Created graphics for the website & Social Media content.


  • Provided a full website critique & reformatted aspects of the website.
  • Provided a variety of general business advice.
  • Provided 24/7 telephone and emails support.


Website Traffic

101.6% Growth

Website traffic more than doubled in the 45 days after KPS started working with Escape the Agent compared to the 45 days prior. The Google Analytics print screen below demonstrates 101.6% increase from 877 sessions to 1768.

These figures are forecast continued growth as the business grows.

bestProperty Listings

288% Growth

Before working with KPS: 8 property listings

In the 45 days after working with KPS: 31 Property listings (Data valid up to 09/06/2015)

Brand Awareness

2,872% Twitter follower Growth

To achieve the 101.6% website traffic growth and the 387% property listing growth, KPS needed to help Kim and Debbie increase their brand awareness.

One way KPS helped Kim and Debbie achieve this was through Social Media.

Firstly, KPS helped Escape the agent grow a targeted Twitter following from 36 to 1,070 followers in 44 days (2,872% growth).


Secondly, through implementing a highly effective Social Media content & engagement strategy, KPS helped Escape the Agent continue to engage and provide valuable content for their audience.


Digital Marketing Strategy & Skills Developed

Providing bespoke Digital Marketing training to Directors Kim and Debbie provided added value in a number of ways. Firstly, they were taught a highly effective and sustainable Digital Marketing strategy & framework.

Secondly, they gained valuable Digital Marketing skills, allowing them to bring  aspects of Digital Marketing in house, helping to reduce costs.

Finally, Kim and Debbie were provided 24/7 support which enhanced their pace of learning.

Website improvements

The graphics KPS created for the website enhance its visual appeal and helps customers visualise how the service works.


“Escape the Agent are very pleased to recommend Daniel Knowlton and KPS partnership.

I am more than happy for you to contact me if you need any further recommendation.”

Kim Duckworth
Escape the Agent
Mobile: 07825419372


Contact us today to arrange a no obligations Digital Marketing Diagnostic and tailored Action Plan for your business.

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