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What is Lean…and why bother?

Well this obviously depends on our own personal experiences with Lean and the knowledge gained implementing Lean programmes. Reading quotes from well known Lean Gurus or taking an online Lean Benchmarking asessment is not a bad place to start expanding our Lean knowledge.

Lean is not just about Tools!

There is always a danger that  Lean is considered as a set of tools that can be cherry picked. Yes, some tools will produce effective results but the end to end value stream must be affected in order to achieve competitive advantage through Lean.

Lean is both Revolution and Evolution

This is how the Toyota Production System developed. The concepts of mass production and economies of scale were rejected and replaced with ‘mass customisation’ and single piece flow. A Lean culture evolves over time and spreads within an organisation like a virus; when the tipping point is reach the workforce lead the change process and take decisions locally at shop floor level and continuously improve their process in pursuit of perfection.

Lean is mostly about value to the end customer

Lean practitioners advocate a relentless focus on waste, this is because that is where the greatest opportunities for improvement often lie. However, it should never be forgotten that the first lean principle is to ‘Specify value from the point of view of the customer’

Lean is a system

Systems adapt continuously, but do so at a faster rate when threatened; like ant colonies reacting to a predator or external threat. To make fundamental cultural and system changes, a crisis or threat to an organisation will always bring faster, more effective sustainable outcomes that are owned and driven by those involved.

Carry out your own Lean Benchmarking assessment

ownload Quotes from Lean Gurus


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